Trifle, of course ...

If you judge the fullest extent of the other, Learn to see and condemn themselves.
Judge of the County Ionia, located in Michigan, has been so faithful to the letter of the law that imposed upon himself a fine of twenty-five dollars.
What actually happened? Yes, during one of the court hearings in the servants of Themis cell phone rang. And in accordance with the law, all included in the courthouse must take their phones.
Raymond Vought scrupulously followed the observance of the rules and personally checked that all law enforcement officials have handed over their mobile devices.
But the old woman is proruha. Forgetfulness was overcome judge, and he has not disabled your phone. In an interview, the judge admitted that he felt very uncomfortable when he realized that the mobile phone rings in his pocket. He also pointed out that not even thinking about the possibility of such a puncture during the trial. Immediately after completion of the hearing, the judge wrote himself a fine and then paid it at the box office of the court.
With hardly imagine a Ukrainian judge, do the same.


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