The genius of airbrushing

Shots taken with bird's-eye view, has always attracted attention. Brilliant pictures - fascinating. Works very probably famous in the world, aerial photography Jan Arthus-Bertrand, fall into this category.
By his vocation, he did not come immediately. First there were more than four years in the film industry after the Paris School of Art, where he graduated from the acting department. And then it "covered". And how to name different. A man breaks up with his former life and went to the mountains. And a few years working as a watchman in the reserve. And then his wife went to Kenya. And there, first took to the skies in a balloon, making the first "air" picture.
Over time, it is recognized. Paris-Match, Geo, Life, National Geographic - enough of this log list to realize - come a world-class master. The most powerful, perhaps a meter project (now in his way, a birthday - 67 knocked), a monumental "Earth from the sky", published in 1995 (in Russian - in 2002). The book contains photos of the team made a hundred and fifty countries. More than five hundred thousand amazing pictures. The total number of copies sold exceeded three million.
Since 1991, owns his agency Altitude.

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