How to determine the quality of the shampoo.

To determine the quality of shampoo, do the following sample:
Mix in a glass of water with shampoo and let the mixture stand. If you see a curdy precipitate - use this shampoo is not necessary.
Shampoo is not recommended that use foaming agents such as sodium sulfate and ammonium. Foam, which they form, does not have this cleansing action.
Kinds of shampoos
As there are kinds of shampoos? The answer to this question will tell classification shampoos in modern cosmetology:
Shampoo for oily hair. Contains a large number of detergents, cleansing the skin and hair of excess fat.
Shampoo for normal hair. Contains less detergent. He cleanses the hair without disturbing the natural release of oils.
Shampoo for dry hair. Contains little detergent, added to a humidifier which prevents excessive dryness of hair and skin.
Gentle shampoo for frequent washing. Very weak, does not irritate the skin and does not dry the hair.
Anti-dandruff shampoo. Contains substances that slow down cell division skin and removes dead skin flakes. Too frequent use makes the hair dull and dry.


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