Judging by the statistics, about 30% of the population of all countries were at-least once, but become victims of scams.

In 1925, through the fault of fraud, was leased for 99 years to the White House.

In the same year, one adventurer reading in the Paris newspaper article that the Eiffel Tower is in a very terrible state and government think of the decision to dismantle it. The scammer immediately took a room "suite" at the hotel and invite five major scrap metal dealers sold the tower. Bought her a businessman from the province admitted it only much later. He was very ashamed.

In the early 90's an American, made up as Michael Jackson, and often ran to the stores, asking at the same time send the account in the name of Jackson. At the same time, in England, two brothers for five years traveled in a rented "Rolls-Royce" posing as relatives of the royal family.

In the history of Paris forever imprinted certain Evelyn Lisle. She was detained during their 44th wedding. After seeing their husbands only one night, on the morning of the wedding gifts disappeared, savings and dowry.


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