Degradation of young people are not on their own

In the Samara region appeared scandalous information. The governor decided to specifically
manipulate exam scores for students not able to leave his native region.


There are reports that the governor of the Samara region is deliberately understate the exam scores that honors not left the area. In this regard, let's talk about children. Not those cute smile at you, looking out of the carriage. No; let's talk about those who passed by late in the evening, just in case you clamp key between the index and middle fingers. To be used as brass knuckles, if we have to fight back. That, my friends, Gopnik. What comes out of alcoholics not only honors. Internet encyclopedia "of modern culture, folklore and subcultures" Lurkmor lower multicellular Gopnik calls "Pikhota of the criminal world, petty street criminals, instances of the same type of street animals." Fetus are usually in cities with populations ranging from zero to several hundred thousand people are found in residential districts of big cities. In the early stages of development can serve the hopes of becoming a sentient being, but with age the chances are reduced to take human form. Do not leave the marked area.


Often all possible assistance in the process of having children themselves obydleniya district, city and regional authorities. Take Republic Mordovia, where the degree of marginalization among young people is increasing in inverse proportion indicators of official statistics are regularly supplied by the local prosecutor's office.


The former head of the republic, Nikolai Merkushkin, who a year ago moved with all the suitcases to lead the Samara region, has made a special contribution to the degradation of youth, attention, deliberately understating graduate exam scores. Its not quite the standard for adequate adult behavior Merkushin explained by the fact that, well, it was necessary to somehow stop the exodus of young people from the country, and how to do it, if you do not strike while putting their bright future? Like, why do you, little children, with its MGIMO Moscow and Moscow State University? We have our own Harvard!


Children themselves, of course, this view is not entirely shared by expressing their civic stance mass samovypilivaniyami. Mordovia prosecutor's office reported that in 2011 the local Valhalla gone in 2, 3 times more boys and girls, than in the past. Others, considering the prospects, decided to just make Mordovia feet, even though the results of the examinations. Approximately 2, 5 thousand. Young people 15-29 years old (it is an average) of the ticking of the republic annually. However, even among those who keep still managed, 10-12% still managed to find the keys to the handcuffs to leave right after graduation. And this, by the way, above the average for Russia!


Well, those who refused to cut and could not leave remained in their historical homeland in the voluntary-compulsory order. Trample native land, where they will lie and later, apparently, is not a very long time. But in the future. Their present - a party with pivasom at entrances ...


Strong relationships with individuals of the opposite sex ...


With further their fertilization ...


That is what will happen in the foreseeable future, the youth in the Volga region. The prospect, frankly, not very happy, especially if you consider that today's students - this is the future of the country. It is a grim future.



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