As I spent the summer .... not the first freshness, but funny :))

In 13 years, I was extremely ugly baby: very thin pimply worm with a big head and crooked teeth. My mother was embarrassed me and the whole puberty tried to keep me away from family and friends for the summer sent me to summer camp. Pioneer camp consisted of barracks with the children, house administration and four toilets. The toilets consisted of a brick hut, pit, cover the pit wooden flooring with holes and shit with bleach. ***** Stank with chlorine, so the toilets prudently built away from residential and cased their bushes.

Girls long time thought I was a boy: Well, with me were not friends. On that fateful night midnight diarrhea became my only friend.

Diarrhea whole camp: green fruit, unwashed hands and cook shit, that ate with hunger pioneers did their work. Holes in tubzike obgazheny upset stomachs were four hundred men and girls went to shit in pairs: one spoils the other shines a flashlight to not run into the first decomposition products predecessors. I have no one wanted to shine a lantern, so that night I vysirala hodgepodge in splendid isolation; in the dim light of a lantern could be seen only the outlines, and sitting over a hole, I'm resigned to the fact that already run into someone slippery *****. Heozhidanno a shadow darted straight at me, I screamed, jerked unstable torso, legs drove on someone's diarrhea, and I came to a spot as a well-oiled sleeve. Fuck! Bat drove me to the waist in a pile of shit on his head could be seen vaguely point, if someone comes to shit right now, then my situation worse. Hado selected! Half an hour later, panting and cursing obscenities whisper, I reached out to the point his hands is, damn it, it was difficult - all solid support were slippery like a bitch! Grasping the edge of the hole, I reached up and poked her head off from fresh air dizzy and I hold onto the conquered positions only the will to freedom. Was tightened even leaned on his elbows: it is necessary for something to grasp, so as not to slip. Everything was slimy, it was possible to catch only the transverse wooden beam a few feet from me, I was in a frenzy trying to reach her, hissing voltage:

 - Well! Go on here, ****! Let me until you reach 'em! ..

Suddenly I was blinded by a flash of light, then some not sigh, not a groan and a thud - I peresralis and fell back. Half an hour - and I'm back on ochkom. So. Are drawn: There! I grabbed the bar and got out on the concrete floor panting with happiness. Catching his breath, I decided to shove the river to wash. Five meters from the Director tubzike lay beside him lay a broken lantern - dead or what? I went to the river, otmylas as I could, and then called the people: Can not dead yet, you can save.

In the morning we were told that the director had a stroke, he returned to the camp only at the end of the shift. He could not speak, I sat all day on the porch, and he liked it when it went to the children. I visited him often, he is particularly fond of me - in fact I was called to his people.

Ha next year, we learned that a short time before his death the director came to. He said that on the night he went from the territory overheard strange puffing in the closet and opened the door. Ha stinking hole of a hellish climb shitty pop-eyed worm tentacles pulled him and hissed:

 - Well-at: Come here, as well: ccc **** - as :. Let me before you dotyanussss! ..

Over-eyed shame of course.

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