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September 1.
 Autumn has come. What else do you say ?!

September 2.
 Smoked Misha. Mishin dad is building something there, so Misha home no unnecessary dishes, and there are milling round. Clobbered right of the circle. Very sore fingers. Misha said I was a fucking junkie, and soon my fingers will not be at all. I laughed and poked in the chest Misha, Misha was offended and said that T-shirt "otmoskino" I'll buy him a new one, and then the blood of half the resin he definitely not be removed. So he went.

September 3.
 Smoked Dasha. Dasha's brother came and said that he personally "All povbyvav be." I do not understand Dasha's brother, but the word "Povbybavby" recorded. Strange - he did not even smoke. Dasha went to sleep on the couch. Browsing. Dressed. Posnulis sitting dressed - in the middle of an ashtray in my hand dogorevshaya sleeve, Dasha - lyrics «Positive Vibration». The light is not switched off, it turns out. Dasha said I was a moron, and she was waiting for more. Dura - where it is more ?! And so the three boxes in one snout. More to it will not go.

September 5th.
 Yesterday marked the day with laughter. They laughed a lot. Stas evening came and said that April Fool's Day in April. Stas beat, written in ink on his forehead "oblomist" and thrown out of the window. Half an hour later Stas did not come alone. Then it was painful and I do not remember.

September 6.
 Peter came and said I owed him two boxes still in June. That was in June - I do not remember. By simple logical reasoning and invocation Jha managed to convince Pete that the two boxes should he to me, but I'm not him. Peter gave two boxes and left scratching his head. Still, the logic - pseudoscience and demagoguery - a great thing.

September 7th.
 Poor remember yesterday. I only remember that Peter owes me two boxes. We ought to take. Especially because Dasha produced three tickets to the fifth row on the concert of some inveterate humorist and Stas (fucking symbolist!) Promised "to bring three to three-fifths of the heel." Block to him. Added - Petya took two of his box. Peter resisted. I reminded him of the existence of Stas.

September 8th.
 I went to Pete for two boxes. Their Petya was not, but there were two cubes of a "screw". Peter made the big eyes and promised unearthly sticking out. We'll see. In any case, he complained Petya Stas.

September 9.
 Fuck I had smoked pot? !!! Now I have on each tile in the bathroom tile written a separate chapter in the life of the Black Moon Indians, the carpet in the hallway and cut into jigsaw puzzles assembled (three times), no refrigerator in the kitchen, but there is a functioning rescue chamber for the mother's cat. In the evening I go to Pete - the debts should be given.

September 10.
 Comedian - crap. The best joke was: "Take three idiots from the fifth row, they laugh even at intermission!". In my opinion, there was no other jokes. Dasha after the show went with Stas. So she went.

September 11.
 Dad came Mishin. I asked who smeared his circle to some nastiness. I asked him for a circle and acetone to wash. He brought. I sit alone, happy.

September 12.
 Last night again came Mishin dad and round. I had to share with him. He became cheerful, went out somewhere, then for some reason brought me around the neck a whole bunch of circles of different shapes and colors. What do I do with them? I gave them to Stas - even swinging on or hang Dasha in his ears.

September 13.
 Yesterday, walking in Chinatown and looking at the windows, he thought: "What bespontovaya rhyme - Suifenhe cafe!". The Chinese are all freaks. Although Peter (should have come to him for duty, by the way!) I said that in China the-counter ephedrine and ephedrine and screw connected somehow, I already know. So, the Chinese, do not cry. will you feast.

September 14.
 Last night, when I took on the street sunglasses in front of me I braked the car, and the driver leaned out the window, shouted that "I am an idiot by red semaphore mow." What can I say? Mowing is not sleep.


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