Not a new story, but what sex was a blonde behind the wheel?

Lightning struck a week later, when on the way home from work my cell phone voice sobbing Lyubashka told me that she crashed the car.
 With that, as she put it, to pieces. My question is, what exactly happened Lyubashka "killed" my argument: "Even the protection come off the bottom».

I myself am not the first neuro-smoker, when the "master markers" "Richt" my "swallow" in the service station.
 But, frankly, I have never heard of a such an unknown part as "skid plate".
Fall face in the dirt and signs in their own avtobezgramotnosti was simply unacceptable!
 Curiosity overcame fatigue and I "void sumnyashesya" said that now come "to assess the damage».
 Passing by lyubkinogo entrance, I noticed that the appearance "Buttons" as affectionately dubbed his new friend's wife "trolley", is even newer than it was a week ago.
 It was not the last surprise of the night.
 Saying again that is the detail that she had lost it called "skid plate" blubbered blonde opened the trunk and gave intrigued me the opportunity to enjoy the view of a manhole, resting in the car at the Liubka.
 On my timid question, as it was, I was told literally the following:
 "The food, then food. Suddenly, "Buch". Apparently, a bump drove.
 I - on the brakes. I go out, and she, the protection, that is, lies near.
 Guys have it stopped. I complained to them and they told me that this detail in the car is the most important, and without it is extremely dangerous to ride.
 Helped to plunge it in the trunk and was advised to go to the hotel (40 kilometers per hour, the right row, with "emergency gang".
 All her tirade from time to time interrupted by sobs and my vain attempts to contain the laughter. But that's not all.
 Oiled mechanic from Car, listening to tearful Lyubashkinu Ithor and wiping his hands no less oily rags, told a friend that the men on the road quite right, because there is in the car parts more important than the "protection of the bottom."
But to repair the machine, he can not, because at the moment he does not ... listen carefully:
 "Left-hand screws LSS416 / 53" 455674/546388 / Bis »(who are interested, I can give a piece of paper, which is presented Lyubashka compassionate mechanic, so she has not forgotten exactly what he needed screws).
 God forgive me, dear reader, for the strength to restrain the laughter I did not have, and, therefore, I can not tell you what the seller said the auto parts store.
A Lyubka back immediately and went.
 What would you do in my place? My mind was only enough to ask Liubka drive hatch in place.


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