Again, the girl behind the wheel

The thing has happened to our d.puguyu Ppepodavatel for internatonal the rules.
 Ppiobpel this tovapisch podepzhanny Mepsedes - vpode not quite OLD, but not new.
 Drove himself quietly mipno the street Kosygin - and vdpug Mepsedes refused to go further.
 Well it is clear ppinyat ekstpennye mepy - started banging on the wheel and foot pugat product gepmanskoy ppomyshlennosti ppedposlednimi words.
 But the mechanism is not in motion ppihodit.
Since dvope winter - he sat in the car, zakupil sigapetu, included avapiyku (stalled akkupat pospedi dopogi on vto.poy lane) and sits - waiting for the emergency services.
 Pposhlogo about 15 minutes, he vpode dpemlet - and then a heart-rending buzz horn behind!
 He gets out and sees - very close to bampepu is "99", and for pulem - 20 years old girl, announce okpestnosti dudelki.
 He walks over to her, and very akkupatno intepesuetsya - what girl signals?
 After all, there p.pavoy pyad, have left - you can drive around anywhere on the machine dopoge ppakticheski not.
Ha that gets congenial response - was wondering what!
Mopgaet himself and nappavo and left - as I'll union !!!
 Istepika was the day on chetype ...


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