Huge waves

Ha dawn of the Meiji era lived a well-known wrestler called O-us-huge waves. About-us was extremely strong and knew the art of fighting. In fights alone he defeated even his teacher. However, when he lost to the public that even his own disciples could overcome it. About-us felt that he had to seek help from a zen master.

Just a small temple in the neighborhood stopped wandering Zen teacher Hakudzi, so that the O-us went to him and told him about his misfortune.
"Your name - Huge waves [not a typo], - he said the teacher. - Stay the night in the church. Imagine that you and have these huge waves. You are no longer a wrestler who is afraid. You - these huge waves smashing and absorbing everything in its on its way. Do it - and you will be the greatest fighter on the ground. "The teacher was gone.

About-us sat in meditation trying to imagine myself in waves. He thought about all sorts of completely extraneous things. But gradually more and more becoming to feel the waves. Hoch was, and the waves were getting bigger and bigger. They absorb all the flowers in vases. Even Buddha shrine was flooded. Before dawn the temple was nothing but a vast ebb and flow of the sea.
In the morning the teacher found O-nami meditating on his face wandered faint smile.

He patted the wrestler's shoulder: "Now nothing can knock you out of the way, - he said. You - these waves. You smetesh all before him. »
On the same day, we spoke about the competition and won. After that, no one in Japan could not overcome it.


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