Poisonous snake

Buddha once traveled across the country and found Prasendzhity king in the land of the hidden treasure, which was full of jewels. Buddha asked Ananda:
- Do you see that it is a poisonous snake?
Ananda replied:
- I see.
In the meantime, someone to follow the Buddha, hearing these words, I decided to go and see. I saw that this treasure, and despised the words of the Buddha, finding them empty words: it really is a jewel, and he calls them poisonous snake! And then this man secretly convened household and took treasures.
His family became rich, but soon found a man said to the king, that produced the treasure is not transmitted to the authorities. The king ordered to seize the finder. He swore that everything has already been given, but the king did not believe it.
The poor fellow experienced poisons all suffering, but said nothing. The king was angry and wanted to punish the seven tribes of his race. When he was taken to execution, the king sent his servant to scout that he would speak on the road. Condemned said:
- Buddha said is true, it really is a poisonous snake.


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