There is a unique poisonous bird - pitaju

Everyone knows about the existence of poisonous insects, fish, snakes, frogs, but not long ago I discovered that there is a poisonous bird. In 1990 we investigated new species of birds — thrush flycatchers (picachu). It turned out, this small and rather cute bird has glands that produce a rather strong poison!

Bright black and orange plumage picachu is a sign of toxicity of this bird.
Pitaju live only in the forests of New Guinea. They are no bigger than jays. The poison is in their skin, feathers and almost all the internal organs. This is akin to poison batrachotoxin — the fact that literally permeates the body of Colombian frogs of the poison dart frog(100 times more potent than strychnine).

Man the ingestion of this poison will only harm poisoning or severe burns. But the mouse, the toad, the frog, the rabbit and the dog will die within minutes.
Still, researchers wonder why the bird is so strong poison? This bird is not a predator, so hunting the poison they use. And the enemies of this bird are not very many. A possible source of this poison — little bug, nanisani that feeds picachu: in the body of an insect discovered a high concentration of batrachotoxin.

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