Why giant beetle Woodman-titanium is the most mysterious creature?

One of the largest insects in the world is a beetle lumberjack-titanium (Latin. Titanus giganteus). The length of some adult individuals can reach 16.7 cm, with females often much larger than males. They live across the Amazon from Ecuador, Colombia and Peru to Central parts of Brazil and Bolivia.

Representatives of this species of beetles are considered one of the most mysterious creatures that live on our planet. The morphology of the larvae are not known as it while no one was found. Suggest that they develop in the roots of dead and drying trees and basal area, their pupation occurs in the soil, and the size is in the range of 240-360 mm.

Lumberjack-titanium is protected with big jaws that can bite the attacker and a specific hiss. And their sharp claws, which are located on the legs, it can even tear the flesh. With all this beetle Woodman-Titan never attacks just so he can cause serious damage only in the case if you feel danger.

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