Electrical waves in the brain and related states of consciousness

Currently, science recognizes the existence of four main types of electrical oscillations in the human brain, each of which corresponds to a frequency range and a state of consciousness in which it dominates.

< Beta waves - the fastest. Their frequency varies from 14 to more than 100 cycles per second (or Hertz). In the normal waking state, when we open the eyes of the world are seeing around or focused on solving some current problems, these waves, preferably in the range from 14 to 40 hertz, dominate in our brain. Beta waves are commonly associated with wakefulness, wakefulness, concentration, cognition and - in case of excess - with concern.

< Alpha waves appear when we close our eyes and begin to passively relax, not thinking about anything. Fluctuations in the brain is slowing down, and there are "bursts" of alpha waves, ie, oscillation in the range of 8 to 13 Hz. If we continue relaxation without focusing their thoughts, alpha waves will dominate throughout the brain, and we dive into a state of pleasant tranquility, still referred to as the "alpha state". Apparently, alpha state is "neutral", the inactive state of the brain; electroencephalogram (EEG) healthy, not under the influence of stress human alpha waves are always a lot. Lack of them can be a sign of anxiety, stress, disorders of the brain, or disease.

< Theta ​​strong> appear when the quiet, peaceful vigil becomes drowsy. Fluctuations in the brain become slower and rhythmic in the range of 4 to 8 cycles. This condition is also called the "twilight", because it is a person between sleep and wakefulness. Often it is accompanied by a vision unexpected, dreamlike images, accompanied by vivid memories, especially children. Theta state provides access to the contents of the unconscious part of the mind, free association, sudden insights, creative ideas. It's mysterious, elusive state, which has long been little studied, since it was difficult to fix it on a more or less long period of time. Most people fall asleep as soon as their brain there any appreciable amount of theta waves.

< Delta waves begin to dominate when we fall asleep. They still slower than theta-waves have a frequency as at least 4 cycles per second. Most of us are under the dominance of the brain delta waves is either in a dream or in some other unconscious. However, there is increasing evidence that some people may be in delta state, without losing awareness. Usually this is associated with deep trance or "unphysical" states. It is noteworthy that in this state, our brain releases the greatest amount of growth hormone.

Using binaural beats is very simple and at the same time a powerful influence on the bioelectric activity of the brain. Was done lots of studies that have proven their effectiveness for a range of applications, in particular for accelerated learning.
Release in the western market with binaural beats audio programs to enhance human intellectual capacities are about a dozen studios, but it should be noted that not all of them are equally effective. Benchmark in this sense is the production of Jeffrey Thompson, Anna Wise and The Monroe Institute.

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