About Piggy

Around the middle of the 80s in a studio "Ostankino" was a recording of the program "Good night, kids." In those days it lasted 15 minutes, so there's time to take part different famous people - children's writers, actors, singers.
 At this time, the transmission bard invited Sergei Nikitin. All took their seats - one at the table who is under the table - and the recording is started.
Efron greeted with Aunt Lina, Piggy and sirloin, something told sang brief children's song. And then Phil asks:
 - Uncle Sergei, but what you have, in addition to songs do?
 - By profession I am a biochemist, and the songs - my passion.
 In conversation comes Piggy:
 - Oh, how interesting! And what is it - a biochemist?
 - Biochemistry - the science that studies the substances from which living organisms are made. Here you are, Piggy, from which is made?
 Now deceased Natalia Derzhavin, who spoke for Piggy, thought for a moment and said cheerfully:
 - Pork!
 Shooting resumed only about 15 minutes ...


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