Unknown facts about the "Good night, kids!"

The first issues

The first editions of the program lasted seven minutes and passed without dolls and leading: speakers told stories to changing images. Soon after the transfer has quickened puppet boys shustriki and Myamlikom and Pinocchio. Later, there were dog Phil and boy Eroshka. Over the years, the authors faced a problem: time is running out, and the boy has to grow. And next to the sirloin instead Yeroshka elephant appeared, then a puppy, and ultimately charming bunny Stepashka. A little later the company joined Piggy and Karkusha.

 - Orphaned doll

The first actor to voice Fil became Gregory Tolchinskiy. He loved to joke: "I retire, will publish the book" Twenty years under the skirt aunt Wali. " Alas, the actor died when he was just 50 ... His successor, Igor Golunenko, having worked in the program a couple of years, went to America and died tragically in a car accident. Today Fil voiced Sergei Grigoryev. Many actresses auditioned for the role Karkusha could not get used to the image of funny crow until "Good night, kids!" I came Gertrude Sufimova. In 1998 m 72 year life of the actress died. Now a crow settled on the arm of actress Galina Marchenko. Not so long ago died Hryushina "mother" - the oldest worker program Natalia Derzhavina. His beloved pig, she dedicated her life. New "mother" Piggy was Natalia Golubentseva. She - "Mama" Stepashky, because today Natalya voiced two characters.

Political bans

Attributed to the program and the political "sabotage».

Allegedly, when the trip took place the famous Nikita Khrushchev to the United States, the air immediately removed the cartoon "Frog-traveler." When came to power, Mikhail Gorbachev, is not recommended to show a cartoon about a bear Bear that never bring it started to end. But the staff is to be considered all these coincidences.

Exile pig

Most often on the transfer Clouds are gathering over Piggy. In the early 80's head of children's programming editors remarked, all the dolls blink and Piggy - no. We decided to replace the puppet people. The audience rebelled, and two months later the dolls back. At the beginning of perestroika in the Soviet Piggy turned against the Muslims. They wrote a letter: "Take the pork out of the frame. Our religion does not allow to eat unclean meat ... "The editor of the program said:" The Koran says that the pigs have not, and look at them Allah does not forbid. " One day on the set at the zoo on Piggy was assassinated. Piggy "came" close to the cage with a bear paw and got hit.

Toy clones

Dolls renewed every three years, sending the kits worn in the vault.

In 44 years and did not find it as there had accumulated Piggy, Stepashi, Karkusha and Phil! Each doll are acting very carefully - they bring into the studio only during shooting, and all the rest of the small animals is carried out in a special vault. They are cared for: clean, comb, disguised. Here, in cardboard boxes, and the entire complex puppet wardrobe. At Fili Stepashky and even have their tuxedos with butterflies. At Piggy - a real "black leather jackets" with rivets, from Karkusha - a huge number of bows.


No less love than dolls, and speakers used: Auntie Valya (Valentina Leontiev), who died last year, and Uncle Volodya (Vladimir Ukhov), who led the program until 1995.

In 2005 Ukhov had a stroke, since he is at home and moves only in the apartment.

After the transfer of Uncle Volodya came Aunt Sveta (Svetlana Zhiltsova), Uncle Yuri (Yuri Grigoriev), and later - Aunt Lina (Angelina Vovk). All of them are now retired.

Today the program are former "Miss Universe" Oksana Fedorova and Anna Mikhalkov, the daughter of a famous film director Nikita Mikhalkov.

By the way, with time communication style has changed a lot in the program - leading to longer apply to "you" and call them "uncles": now the visiting favorite characters are simply Oksana and Anya. But the actor Victor Bychkov doll still called Uncle Vitya, because he is older and Fedorova, and Mikhalkov. He sort of image of a good neighbor, always coming to the rescue in difficult times, jokes solve any problem.


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