Unique tree bearing a risk (7 photos)

It called ono- cannon tree, as the fruits are very similar to the kernel, and the sound that they make in the fall, similar to the bursting shells.
Being under this tree is very dangerous fruits weigh several kilograms and a diameter of up to thirty.
Immediately kill.

Cannonball tree (scientific name Couroupita guianensis) is common in the southern part of the Caribbean and northern South America. The flowering period is slightly different depending on the place of growth - for example, in the Dominican Republic in February, and in Colombia, a month later.

The fruit of this evergreen tree seems to grow directly from the trunk. Flowers, too few countries are large brightly colored bundles of up to a meter in length. Unlike fruits have a wonderful scent.

This strangeness does not end there. Flowers have nectar, but they have pollen and thus, pollination is performed primarily bees. Pollen flower made in two versions - one of its kind is fertile, and the other - no. Fertile stamens pollen is on that rub against the hind legs of bees linger there and transferred to another tree. Waste Pollen is bees food.

Flowers do not grow directly from the trunk, and developed on a thick stalk. At this stage, the stems seem to be too powerful for small and light flowers, which do not need such strong support. And only then, when instead they will grow and fruit, it becomes clear why the need is so thick stems.

Common name of the tree, of course, only a few hundred years, but the sound of falling fruit cracking is very eloquent. It destroys the fruit is not very pleasant smell. Some of the animals he draws, and when the seeds pass through the digestive system, they fall on fertile soil, they have every chance to start a new life.

Those who live in the neighborhood with coconut trees, knows that deliberately planted like trees near the road is not very correctly in relation to the passers-by. Anyone can be at it in not the most appropriate time and to obtain on the head.

Source: www.terra-z.ru , en.wikipedia.org


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