Is there a limit to human idiocy?

Yesterday I went to the library. We had to make several copies of a newspaper article from a local, and to start those little articles found in a binder for two years.
 In our city there Saratov Regional Library - the main building is located on Moscow, but the fact that I had to - Department of Regional Studies - a half block away.
 Because I get to the library quite difficult (the road in one direction takes about an hour), I called in advance to the Department of Regional Studies, learned time and (most importantly) whether there Photocopying. Received the answer - time from 10 to 19, Xerox closed, it will be possible to make copies.
 I arrived at 4 pm. Paid ten per-pass (no need to go to the library because the Internet at home there, but in this case it is needed photocopies of articles). Dear aunt pulled me from the store two thick bundles of newspapers. I sat down to watch. A minute later, just in case decided to ask again, is there a photocopier. I replied that yes, there is, but only in the main building (see. Above). Runs until seven at night, as well as the library itself.
 I imagine the way with two bundles of newspapers - half of the quarter. Well, nothing to do.
 By five o'clock I found the right article. Allow me to get a newspaper out bundles not to drag the mountain of paper with a happily head to the main building.
 And there ... That's right. Xerox worked until five. The clock two minutes past five. Promises to pay a lot (well, I feel like once again to come here) does not take effect.
 Another photocopier (in a nearby store) is broken.
 I am going back to the library. In a raised voice from sweet aunties interested in what hruya she sent me to the main building if he knew that five ??? In response to get that, it turns out she need not know SCHEDULE Photocopying. Hmm ... And then what her job is? Then it turns out that I myself had to pay attention to the ads (which hung in a dark corridor three meters from the entrance and there was no noticeable even with careful consideration). And anyway, if I'll behave, I'm not allowed to do more photocopies - will not make a newspaper in the library.
 Well, wonderful.
 Today went to another library - nursery. Yes, Hi there for 4 rubles per page, without queues and unnecessary nerves. I staying there almost fifty dollars, but Wikipedia has copied and went home satisfied. On the way I thought - well, do the regional library so do not need money?

Author Dubrovskaya SV


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