"Dutch roll"


1. The dough is rolled and smeared mustard.

2. Cheese three, tomato, ham and cucumber cut into small cubes.

3. We spread the stuffing in the middle of the strip test: first cheese, then everything else and then cheese.

4. Sprinkle with pepper and very little grass.

5. We turn off roll and carefully passed on to a baking sheet.

6. Grease a raw egg rolls - to golden brown, sprinkle with herbs and abundantly - for flavor.

7. Bake until cooked.

Possible variations:
1. Ham can be replaced by any other meat products were at your fingertips: sausage of any kind, even sausages.

2. With a strong desire can even replace it with slices of roast meat, chicken, pork - what you will.
Tomato perfectly replaced pepper.

3. But you can fine them together in a Rolls. The main thing - to keep the recipe mustard and pickles - they create piquant charm of this roll.


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