Super))) In the continuation of six photos from the action

The day before yesterday, March 8, Moscow anarcho-feminists and feminists on Manezh Square was held unauthorized action of direct action. The crowd emancipated guys with placards: "I love not only to eat but also cook", "Down with the blowjob, Give 69", "Share with me homework, beloved", "Macho also cry" feminist shouting slogans, marched from the monument to Zhukov entrance to the mall Ryad, where at this moment five girls with closed Balaclava persons started to hang out with a canopy over the entrance to a large pink banner in the form of female pants with the word "Flowers today ... Shackle every day?". Hung a banner, feminists immediately on the roof opened two bottles of champagne and congratulated all those present with the revolutionary women's holiday, drank them.

Later, they could be photographed against posted cowards, talk to reporters and chanted with his associates, "Down with kitchen slavery!", "Women of the World! You have a choice - kitchen and fashion - is not freedom! "Before rushed to the scene first, law enforcement officials, at the sight of which, the protesters quickly disappeared into the crowd.


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