Rides with wild animals (12 photos)

Zoo is no surprise, even the children who, it would seem, is to be a novelty.
People want an extreme, not just stand in the cell and wait until the animal out of its lair.
One of the most popular attractions with animals is to push the audience and really dangerous and wild predators, as they say, face to face, and in a situation where an illusion of complete helplessness of man.

1. Harbin Tiger Park

Take part in this attraction offers visitors Harbin Park for the Tigers. The park opened in 1926, and lived in it while only 8 striped predators. Today, the number of these magnificent, huge cats grew to seven hundred.


Tourists are transported through the territory of the park in the barred bus or car. Tigers are experiencing the liveliest interest in the transport and are constantly trying to open it, curiously sniff and otherwise investigate it to your tiger's style. View tiger intently trying to open the barred door of the car, provides passengers with a storm of unforgettable emotions.


4. Park "Oran»

In New Zealand the park "Oran" where lions live, the idea even more refined: the visitors are taken to the special cell and the lions are given free rein. Some of them are just trying to open the cage, but even jump on its roof. Visitors can treat predator small pieces of meat, so gastronomic passions surrounding cells ignite serious.


6. Diving in South Africa

White Shark - one of the most sophisticated and dangerous creatures living on Earth. In South Africa, diving and thrills provides a unique opportunity to experience these magnificent fish "nowhere near».


First, a powerful ship equipped with everything necessary, tourists are transported away from the shore, and then lure sharks, throwing bait into the water special, and when they are going into the water dipped steel cage with people. Tourists in a cage on the deck and admire the sharks, and those flushed bait that only teased the appetite, try to open the cage.

8. Australia Zoo Werribee Open Range Zoo

This zoo managed to create the illusion that between a man and a lion in general there are no barriers. In fact jeep protected glass is very strong, and the tourists are safe. The cells in this zoo as there are none - animals live in large areas, separated by special fences, not giving them wander to other people's territory or to leave the zoo. In large areas of moving buses or jeeps glazed.


This tour offers a fun water park Crocosaurus Cove, located in the Australian city of Darwin. Here, in a huge multi-level aquarium are giant saltwater crocodiles. It is the largest and most dangerous kind of crocodiles. That they accounted for the largest number of attacks on humans. Length particularly large specimens can reach 7 meters and they weigh nearly a ton.

10. The cell death

On the first level of the aquarium crocodiles can just look from above. The second level - this is the "cell death" in which everyone is lowered into the midst of a 5-meter crocodile, whose weight can reach seven quintals.


12. Swimming with polar bears

Swim with these major land-based predators, offer visitors the zoo Polar Bear Habitat, which is located in the Canadian city of Cochrane. Of course, swimming pools with people and bears are separated by solid wall of bulletproof glass, the thickness of as much as 9 mm. But the illusion of absolute freedom gets full. In order to organize such an attraction took as long as 20 years. But he had a huge success - only for the first six months of "bearish pool" was attended by over 11,000 people.

Source: animalspace.net


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