9 most dangerous words in the mouths of women

1. "Well, well!»
This is the word women is generally used at the end of the dispute - when they are right and you need to shut up.
2. "I'm fast! Five minutes! »
This phrase can be interpreted in two ways. If a woman said it before start preparing to leave the house, "five minutes" is equivalent to half an hour. But if you were given only five minutes to watch the first half of a football match before the start "help at home", rest assured - it will be exactly five minutes!

3. "Nothing happened»
But this is the calm before the storm. This "nothing" obviously means something, so be alert. Quarrels that begin with "nothing happened" usually end in "fine" (see. To claim 1).

4. "Well, well, go on»
This - a challenge, not a resolution. So in any case do not continue!

5. Heavy loud sigh
It is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means something like this: she thinks you are a complete idiot and did not understand why all take the time to stand here and argue with you about anything (see. P. 3).

6. "All is well»
One of the most dangerous statements that only a man can hear from a woman. "All is well" it means that she takes time out to figure out when and how you will pay for your mistake.

7. "Thank»
If a woman said thank you, do not ask for anything. Just tell her - "there is nothing." There are, however, a subtle point: if, instead of a simple "thank you" you will hear "thank you very much!" (With the accent on the word "large"), you should immediately notice a subtle sarcasm in her voice sounding. After that for anything in the world would say "not at all". Otherwise it will "matter" (see. Below).

8. "Any»
This is - an elegant way to send female man to where Makar calves did not drive.

9. "Do not worry, I'll ...»
Another threatening statements, often referred to at the time when a woman has several times asked the man to do something (to throw garbage, collect discarded at home socks, nailed), discovered that he had not even got up from his chair, and began to do all by herself. Later, this situation will result in a stupid male question "What's wrong?" And the answer for women at number 3.


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