Interesting profession (3 photos)

In 40-year-old Christian Drummond interesting profession.
He earns money with his intelligence and knowledge.
In England, there are machines that check erudition, for correct answers sypyatsya money.
Man earns almost 100 thousand dollars a year.

40-year-old man who is at university studying English literature, earning 60 to $ 100 an hour, visiting various places of entertainment and emptying cash reserves of the gaming machines because of their extensive knowledge.

Enterprising Englishman paid in this way part of their studies in higher institution, trips abroad and even the wedding ceremony with the chosen one.

Due to constant training Drummond without hesitation can be called by the names of all 500 characters of the novels of Charles Dickens, the population of all African countries and the number of sets in all matches of the finals of Wimbledon.

One of the advantages of the 'profession' Briton is also the fact that legislation he did not have to pay taxes on their winnings.

The idea to be paid in the form of coins came to Drummond, when, desperate to find a decent job, he watched the occasional visitors of the bar to win a large sum on the machine.

 - I could not get any work, even the bartender is not settled, so I decided to test his erudition. On his first night I won $ 127 and realized that I can provide for themselves in this way, - said the "knowledge worker».

According to Christian, one of his new friends at first did not believe the stories about what he does every day.

 - People think I'm a robber or smuggler, even future wife has not been able to get used to my way of life - complained Drummond. - I've always wanted to make your own mind, but imagined it a little differently. At first it was very interesting and fun, but then turned into a labor of love routine.

Christian, who is forced to constantly travel to neighboring counties because of their original profession, has visited more than 10,000 pubs in the past 10 years.

 - Continuous play for 10 hours, sometimes crazy. In addition, not for the sake of the future I was at university, I dream yet to find a normal job like everyone else - sigh Drummond.



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