10 useful tips for girls.

1. Forget about drawbacks. Often better to think of its merits. This is first and foremost commandment.
2. Less sit at home. Around a lot of interesting things! Explore the world and share new discoveries with friends and your favorite guy.
3. Know how to listen. Respect other people's opinions. Do not impose his own.
4. a smell. Find "your" perfume and remain faithful to him, because the smells associated with people :)
5. Take care of the eyebrows. Eyes - mirror of the soul, but do not forget about the frame! In general, adjust the shape of eyebrows advice from a specialist.
6. Do not be afraid to change. Develop and move forward. Be versatile, not on the same cycle. Samples. Look for yourself.
7. Be enthusiastic. For example, learn to fence on samurai swords. After all, any guy wants to meet with supergirl :)
8. Stocks of candy. All advertising told that fresh breath easier to understand. So it is!
9. Follow the steps. Let gait is feminine, flying. Do not have to constantly look at his feet, slouch and rush.
10. read more. An interesting people want to chat.


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