Hannah Fraser became a mermaid

From childhood Australian Hannah Fraser dreamed of becoming a mermaid.
Childhood dream was born after watching the movie "Splash" with Daryl Hannah in the lead role.
"My childhood dream has become a reality! His first mermaids I drew when I was not yet three years. And in the 9 years I built my first tail. Heavy plastic tail allowed me to learn how to swim like a dolphin, "- says Hanna.
Now Hannah and her husband, surfer Dave Rastovich make underwater pictures to draw attention to the problems of environmental pollution, the oceans and the destruction of dolphins, whales and other marine life, which brutally and massively killed or caught.

"In 2002 there was my second improved mermaid tail. The design has been in the form of a boomerang and consisted of two hangers, duct tape and a wetsuit, "- said Hannah.

In 2007, Hannah and her husband went with photographer Ted Grambach (Ted Grambeau) on the island of Tonga to capture Hannah with humpback whales. "The baby whale, intrigued me, swam very close to me," - said Hannah. Whales began to publish very strong sounds. The kid answered their calls. It was a very powerful experience for me ยป.

In 2007, Hannah went to the coast of Taiji, Japan, with 30 surfers, celebrities and musicians to try to prevent the local fishermen, who arrange the traditional catch of dolphins. "Fishermen were driven dolphins in the bay, where a bloody massacre. We were not allowed to networks, fishermen beat us with sticks. It was indescribably cruel spectacle "- says Hanna.

Source: trasyy.livejournal.com


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