Homeless cat to the sick boy

That boy's name from Scotland Fraser Booth, at 18 months, he was diagnosed - autism.
Even the simplest of tasks decision gives the boy a lot of difficulties.
Frazier often crying and tantrums suits. To somehow cheer the boy, his mother took from a shelter cat named Billy.
Now the boy's life has acquired a different character.

Frazier and Billy just does not separate and the boy became less closed because communication with the cat.

Moreover, according to the doctors if he will continue to recover because he will be able to compete with their illness. Côte some sixth sense knows when bad boy, he goes up to him and just trying to hug his paw or purrs.

According to the child's mother when the boy playing in the garden, the cat always sits nearby and watches him. And it has a calming effect on the behavior of the Fraser. Once that was very bad, he was very upset, and the cat sat on his lap all day.

Fraser's mother tries to keep her son all day, but it has still a child, 15-month-old girl, and so the cat became a real nanny for a boy when she is busy. Autism Fraser gradually softened. He can speak and play like a normal child, but he still having tantrums when he is faced with a difficult task, and when it is something impossible. It is not completely self-absorbed, how often people imagine autistic.


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