American built himself an office on the tree

Consultant for quality customer service from Washington, Peter Fraser worked for more than a year in an ordinary office. After earning more than 20 kg, the man decided to change something - for example, to build an office on the tree.

Office consultant is below the hill from his family home. Three office walls are made of glass. From the room overlooking the bay Chakanat - this, according to Fraser, it gives it extra inspiration. The roof of the office is covered with vegetation to this room "fit" in the landscape. In addition, the soil for the plant serves as a natural insulation office.

Fraser said that after the establishment of the office began to lead a healthier lifestyle. The man had more free time, which he spends with his family because he did not have to go to work in the city. Besides, now it is more often in the open air. In order to avoid problems with the back and loins, a consultant working standing up. As the table for him is a cedar board, built into the wall.



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