Thoughts of life

 - The eternal love lasts approximately 3 months.
 - Do not add to our world of drug addicts: We have many, and few drugs.
 - A clear conscience - the surest symptom of multiple sclerosis.
 - If a person is born poor and ugly, in the future, he has much of a chance to develop both of these qualities.
 - People who can not lie, are socially maladapted.
 - Slavery is not abolished - it was replaced by an 8-hour working day.
 - If the mountain will come to you, you escape: it collapse.
 - If you are not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
 - It is important to know and have on hand the phone number of someone who knows.
 - Money does not bring happiness, but what they can buy ....
 - There is a better world, but everything is very expensive.
 - Neither a fool does not complain that he is such. So, not too bad at all of them.
 - Laziness - the mother of all vices, and parents must be respected.
 - The most important thing - it's money, but health comes and goes.
 - It's sad when you go to the cemetery. And it is especially sad - when stay there.


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