How to become a charismatic leader!

1. Take care that your interlocutors feel the most intelligent, charming and interesting people.

2. Behave so that people feel during a conversation that you do not think about anything else:
Lower the tone of the end of the offer.
Take a two-second pause before replying to a remark.

3. Think about pleasant to smile sincerely
The brain sometimes does not notice the difference between reality and fantasy, so when you think about something pleasant, you respond to it positively, and your smile looks genuine. People "read" in the face in just 17 milliseconds, so that any slightest sign of negativity will be easily seen. Insincere smile people feel subconsciously.

4. When you greet someone, get up from a chair, to be with him about the same height, and shaking hands, pull your other hand out of his pocket.

5. Be an excellent listener: to pause and ask questions.
John F. Kennedy was an excellent listener. His interlocutors felt that he was "with them" entirely. Usually when we listen, we are waiting for the end of the replica interlocutor to speak for themselves. To show that you listen carefully, ask questions. If you really interested, what you tell us to hide it will be extremely difficult.

6. Carefully choose a seat at the table.
Site selection can greatly affect the outcome of the negotiations. When people sit opposite each other, and the table as it separates them, they often argue, saying curtly, using short sentences. If you initially want to avoid a confrontation with someone sit next to or at right angles to it.

7. Maintain humanity.
To become a leader, does not necessarily have the physical strength. It is necessary to demonstrate the strengths of the personality - intelligence, like Bill Gates, or kindness, as the Dalai Lama. When you reach a certain level of power, your charisma will increase, but we can not forget about humanity - or you risk being branded a dictator.

8. Defeat "impostor syndrome¬Ľ.
In 1978, scientists at Georgia State University found that the so-called "impostor syndrome" affects about 70% of people. It creates self-doubt - if you are expecting that you will show up. This is an extremely negative effect on charisma.

9. In advance prepare for large events.
Have you ever not run a marathon without training and will deliver a speech, not pre-rehearsed. You will not be able to feel strong and confident by magic. It is necessary to conduct a "preparatory" work.
If you are running relaxing, take the time to run. Or just listen to good music before an important meeting. Make sure that the playlist has songs that you like and give confidence.


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