15 amazing movies of this century, not understood by the masses

There are many difficult prepared films, they are forced to think, solve puzzles, put the pieces of their non-linear narratives. But in the end they are more likely to be resolved, understood and clear. And there are movies that are not for everyone. They do not collect the big banks, do not discuss them with friends, suggest friends, they are not entertainment, but art.

But among the spectators there is cineangiography, which is exactly what. Multi-piece works of art that require multiple viewings in silence and solitude to open to them the subtle and wonderful.

The website offers the reader a list of such movies. Don't forget to bookmark!

The place beyond the pines / The Place Beyond the Pines (2012) In the second film of Derek Cianfrance involved two great modern actors — Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, who share in the film only one scene. Many of those who started to watch it, knew them as actors from "the notebook" and "the Hangover" and had appropriate expectations. And they don't come true, because it is a deep and complex drama about the son, the father, the sins and forgiveness.

The intruder / L'intrus (2014) the Picture was taken on the basis of autobiographical essays by contemporary French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy. The story revolves around a dying old man leaves his home in search of a young heart transplant. Very thin plot, dialogue, intricate designs camera. The film is visually captivating and takes the viewer on an emotional journey. No need trying to decipher this cinematic poem, we need to give up and sail. You know how to swim not all.

Enemy / Enemy (2013) Jake Gyllenhaal and Denis Villeneuve tells the story about a man who met his DoppelgangeR. One of them is a history teacher in College, another actor with a pregnant wife. The film tells us, they are a separate personality or a product of the psyche of one of them. And then the finale, which can be understood only if you're not entangled in the web of reality and fiction.

Cloud Atlas / Cloud Atlas (2012) On how many goals were killed trying to understand the intricacies of the plot, consisting of six independent but intertwined the characters and the idea of stories. To finish the spectator, in all the six stories are played by the same actors. But it is a great masterpiece, which is ten minutes applauded after the first run. Devoid of patterns, beautiful and wise film.

The Holy girl / La niña santa (2004) the Plot revolves around sixteen-year-old Amalia, like a Catholic schoolgirl, and her attempts to save the doctor from sin. And internal contradictions, which comes to a religious girl with an awareness of human sexuality. A simple story develops into a complex pravoohranitelnoi the history of female adolescence.

Shutter island / Shutter Island (2010) the Secret of a brilliant film lies in the details, but as a whole they can be seen only when reviewing it. Obviously, few people will do it after have learned the main intrigue of the film.

Stay in my skin / Under the Skin (2013) to Interpret the story about the alien that travels on roads in a van and luring in him men can be different, but this is the case when it is not necessary. Beautiful, nervous and disturbing story. One of the best films of that year. He's slow and a bit viscous pace, amazing visualization, and this is a godsend for those who are tired of long explanatory dialogues typical Hollywood movie.

Impurity / Upstream Color (2013) One day, Chris was attacked, the thief hypnotized her by using larvae that were placed in her body. Following the instructions, she went over to him all the property, arrange a Bank loan and penniless. Thanks to a happy coincidence, a mysterious stranger helped remove overgrown in her parasite. Waking up, she found that her life is ruined, but inside is only emptiness. When I retell this story, it's hard to resist the irony, but the film is extremely serious. In addition, it is incredibly beautiful, visually witty and scary. And the whole story used as the basis for philosophical concepts, such as loss of identity and the violation of life cycles.

Love's a bitch / Amores perros (2000) Is now Alejandro gonzález iñárritu recognized and great. But 16 years ago he was great, but nobody knows. And he made a film on the deep themes of human nature. Loyalty and evil, for example. The tape is alarming, and the picture sometimes forced to look away from the screen and look to the side. But it's more than just cruelty.

The man who wasn't there / The Man Who wasn't There (2001) Black-and-white story from the Coen brothers tells the story of 1949 and taciturn Barber ed crane (Billy Bob Thornton). He slowly cuts his clients in the salon, while his wife turns tricks with her boss, Big Dave haberdasher. Suddenly, ed falls opportunity to get rich in the emerging business of chemical cleaning of clothes, and to acquire capital, he blackmails Big Dave, realizing that success in life he can achieve only by taking extreme measures. This seemingly simple story actually — a brilliant depiction of the emotions of the individual, which represents the existential nature of the adult men of the twenty-first century.

Fountain / The Fountain (2006) the Main protagonist of the film is the doctor who seeks to find the tree of life to save his terminally ill wife. But this is "movie-Rubik's cube", it constantly jumps between three different storylines, then to become one. Amazing visual and philosophical delicacy.

Syndromes and a century / Sang sattawat (2006) the Film is composed of fragments of memory that start suddenly and end without a logical conclusion. The dentist wants to be a singer and is interested in one of his patients, a Buddhist monk who dreams of becoming a disc jockey. One of the doctors awkwardly declares his desperate love for Dr. Toey (the main character), which associates it with a former love, she felt an expert on orchids... the Director tells a story based on the story of his parents, not autobiographical, fictional, but still shows that she was important to him and close. This film is a little bit of love and a lot of memory.

Mulholland Drive / Mulholland Dr. (2001) David Lynch — the Director, who recognized the handwriting instantly, and his name became a household name. In his films, always more than what us beneath the visible surface and to look at possible units. You should not feel uncomfortable if you are unable, honestly.

Master / The Master (2012) If we expand the idea of the film to the simplest components, it is the history of relations between the lost veteran of the Navy Freddie and Lancaster Dodd, the charismatic leader of a cult. The two men are on the ends of the opposites of the male psyche: an instinctive, animal nature against our rational and intellectual mind. Both men are looking for in yourself that brings another.

New York, new York / Synecdoche, New York (2008) Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a theater Director in a creative and personal crisis. He decides to put "important and sincere play" for this purpose are erecting a real live model in new York in an abandoned warehouse. Very soon he, and we with him, will cease to grasp the line between reality and fiction. Every detail in the film matters, every word is a hidden meaning. Even the original name, which sounds like "Synecdoche, new York", takes us to the figure of speech, when the whole is described by a part or Vice versa.

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