Spice in the city: how to understand what the child is Smoking spice?

Any student in a major city today knows how to get spice.

"Call the number, put money on balance. In response to SMS where to pick up a package. And the room not far to seek. Screen legend, directly opposite the entrance to the school," readily shares information my son is a sixth grader.

And the school in which he learns, is located in the heart of Irkutsk, within a few hundred meters from the "grey house". About the same distance to drug control.

It seems that the authorities still do not understand how to deal with a relatively new scourge. But teachers and parents do not realize the dangers posed by this drug.

A few simple questions on this topic, we asked the head of Angarsk of the Fund "City without drugs" Alexander Shumilov.

Forty million ninety four thousand one hundred two

– What are the signs that adults can understand that a child smokes spice? – Scary spice and other "synthetic" – in pharmacies there devices for rapid detection of these drugs. Testing, which is done now in educational institutions, does not reflect the real situation. Our organization is the only one in the field of mobile analyzer that allows to detect in the urine of any psychoactive substance. Another instrument is in the Irkutsk toxicants, but this unit is stationary.

For parents we have developed a checklist that is short and available told, that you need to pay attention to. Drug intoxication from spice is often accompanied by cough (mixture of burn mucous), dry mouth (always thirsty), white of the eye becomes cloudy or red, disturbed coordination, speech slows down, the effect becomes elongated tape film.

Due to the fact that dose is impossible to calculate (different sellers, compositions, formulas, concentration), the spice addicts often suffer from overdoses. They are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, dizziness, severe pallor may lead to loss of consciousness and even death.

The main sign – the teenager begins to skip classes, not learning or not going to school. Lying all the time. Appear friends says. When talking to them on the phone go to another room or says he will call back later. There is irritability to rage, the child walks away from any serious conversations, avoids contact with the parents, turns off the phone. With constant use, it becomes apparent degradation. Thinks long, unkempt, constantly asks for money, gets into debt, begins to carry things from home. Lost all sense of reality, develops paranoia.

Eighty two million eight hundred three thousand four hundred eleven

The use of Smoking mixtures – a common cause of teenage suicide. As a rule, minors out of the Windows. Sometimes this does not mean that the teenager wanted to commit suicide, maybe he just "decided to fly". And more. In 99% of cases to use Smoking mixes begin, those who already smoke cigarettes.

If Smoking mixes can be some time to eat quietly, then started to use the so-called salt can be seen immediately.

Salt addict give:

  • «wild look,
  • anxiety state,
  • involuntary movements of the hands, feet, head,
  • he builds faces,
  • frantically moving the lower jaw.

At the time of the intoxication he feels an incredible surge of energy, willing to do hard work usually seeks to dismantle the complex mechanisms to small details. Often addicts having delusions. For example, to become ruler of the world. Based on these symptoms, dependent often placed in psychiatric wards.

– How can you help these kids and their parents?

– In 2007-2008, our organization was a rehabilitation center. He was distinguished by the fact that we did not ask the drug addicts if they want to get rid of the dependence. It was enough for the wishes of the relatives. To stop the access of the dependent to the potion, we forcibly detained drug addicts. In the end, against the employees of the Foundation filed several criminal cases. For example, Yevgeny Malenkin, Vice-President of Fund "City without drugs", are still in prison. So the addicts we are, alas, little help.

The main forces rushes to the assistance of the police in the closure of narcopoints. Trying also to convey knowledge about the consequences of the use of "dope" to those who haven't tried. Over the last three months of 2014, I spoke with more than two thousand children. When I ask them to list the drugs they know, as a rule, in the first place is called spice.

Why? It is most common among young people.

Ask the question, you know the guys that signify a stencil on the walls of houses and fences. Know perfectly. The same question is asked by parents and teachers. Most adults vaguely understand what was going on. I was in Bratsk, the Director of the Lyceum they were told that on the wall of the institution for a long time adorned the advertising of the drug. The teachers didn't know what it means.

The sixth of October, 2014 at 12:30 leave the office, next to my car is "Fast", near the wheel is the kid. He rolled his eyes, wet his pants, started overdose. Well, the ambulance drove past, he quickly began to revive. Turns out the guy came to school, social worker noticed that he was inadequate. He was sent to us – to be tested for drugs, but it never came. The boy was taken to the hospital, pumped. After some time, call the head doctor to find out how he is. The guy says, came to himself, made it the diagnosis "food poisoning". Are unable to determine which drug is taken.

After this incident my name is in school, where he studies the boy. The responses of eighth grade I understand that all guys smoke spice. Three hours after the lesson to us comes a mother with a seventh grader, he was under the influence of spice. All this happens in a regular school.

Ninety six million three hundred seventy four thousand one hundred fifty eight

We come to the children, talking with them in the same language, no graphics do not show, clever words do not say. With small talk softer, the conversation with the older more rigid. I explain to them that each of them ever pass through it: the first time they will offer to try drugs. The person needs to be ready clear sequence of arguments why he refuses. The answer is "it's unhealthy" – just laughed at. In videos and photos I show you how in a moment of intoxication, the addict looks like. Tell you how of guys doing animals, and of the girls prostitutes. "Victim" does not even have time to realize what happened.

The reaction to such conversations is different. Some cry, run out of the office, there are tantrums, to the extent that children ask for help in a medical office.

I think better to let the child thus familiar with the drug, will receive the first impressions. Because in the yard he will say that spice is not dangerous. Young people have formed the misconception that it is not a drug. Each other, they usually say, "You smoke, it's not marijuana, it's "pharmacy" – chamomile, mother and stepmother".

For the market fair formula – the demand creates supply. In the drug trade, on the contrary – the proposal gives rise to demand. Never will be this: the student sits at home, school is done and thinks: "and if I did not try spice?"There will always be "companions" who will offer to smoke, and smell. Perhaps for the first time it will even be free.

– Can be fatal even the first dose spice or salt?

– Child can smoke two puffs to do this it will be enough to go out the window.

Let's examples. 19 Oct four guys smoked about station cafe in Irkutsk. All became ill, called an Ambulance, one of the Teens died in hospital, the rest fell into a coma. Another terrible event occurred in Slyudyanka. In one of the houses clogged drain, the workers began to clean the pipe inside and found a small finger. Then removed from the system the remaining fragments of the body. It turned out that shortly before the house was gone, the girl... the Guy didn't want to kill my little sister. He just had a smoke, and started hallucinating, he did not know what to do. Dismembered the girl and dumped the pieces into the toilet.

44-I high school in Irkutsk. For two years, three students of this school have committed suicide. The last case occurred before the New year. The family went to bed, the boy smoked pot and jumped out the window. Early in the morning his body was found by the road patrol. What other facts need to help people understand just how scary?

The smallest one we discovered the spice – the seventh graders. And sold them to classmates from their own school. In this school I was invited to a PTA meeting. Begin to explain to parents that their children are taking drugs and you could die the day after tomorrow, and tomorrow. Deputy Director on educational work interrupts the conversation, withdrew me from the office and said that this issue can be discussed across the country and the region, but that all takes place in a particular school, a particular class, say it is not necessary. I this position do not support. If children can be saved, then do it by any means necessary.

– What is your activity on the closure of narcopoints?

– The trouble law enforcement agencies – lack of money, transport, lack of witnesses. We give money to the purchase, provide transportation, Foundation staff act as witnesses. If we learn about sarcococca sent there a local drug addict, they usually have their own motivation to cooperate with us. Then pass the information to the police, give the money for test purchases, take part in the operation understood. Because narcotics usually are no victims, key in the trial are the testimony of witnesses. Last year we participated in 91 of realization: 49 of them were held in Angarsk, 41 – in Irkutsk. In General, for nine years held more than a thousand such events.

If herbal drug law enforcement officers learned to work, then "synthetic" is more complicated. Heroin chains oiled, hooking one "thread", you can enter the channel. The spices are distributed randomly, the drug is passed from hand to hand.

– How did the drug appeared in our area?

In the late 1990-ies were fashionable heroin. First he sniffed, then began to smoke, then began to shoot up. This was formed subculture.

In the early 2000-ies there appeared a new motto: who is pricked, the chukha. To replace the heroin came club drugs: amphetamines and methamphetamines. They "sat" Golden youth.

Year in 2010 in the area started to come in Smoking blends. The very name "spice" came from the name of one of the varieties of Smoking mixture. In fact it is a synthetic analogue of hashish, has the formula GWH. A synthetic analogue of heroin appeared on the shelves as bath salts. If you smoke spice then snort the salt, drink, smoke, inserted into the anus, injected into the veins. That only it may do.

Now add in spice and salt. The mixture causes a strong addiction.

Analyzing the last detention, we see that there is a substitution. Those who had sold the heroin now sells salt. Components synthetic pot dealers imported from China. And each of them individually is not a drug. Anyone can order the powder online, mix here and sell. The analyses show that the composition of the drug is the same. From this we can conclude that the function in Irkutsk centralized plant for the production of "synthetic".

Two million six hundred thirty nine thousand nine hundred ninety one

– Is there no way to reach the culprits – phone numbers, other tracks?

– In response I will quote Yevgeny Roizman (the President of Fund "City without drugs"). Sell drugs in two cases. When patronize or when condoned. Everything is possible. You need the desire and the will. – In your opinion, what is the number of consumers of synthetic drugs in our region can be said?

– It is known that the number of drug addicts from year to year. The number of deaths from overdoses is also reduced. About 10 thousand people in the Irkutsk region now are registered. Any expert will tell you that addiction is latent and officially registered number must be multiplied by a factor of five to 15. Within these limits is a figure more or less close to the real situation.

The problem is that official statistics take into account, mainly heroin addicts. Consumers of hashish, amphetamine, spice and salt it usually not subject. The number of lovers of spice or salt can be judged indirectly by the number of emergency-room visits due to poisoning by psychoactive substances.

We have asked the Ministry of health information over the last four years. With 878 cases in 2010, the figure in 2013 increased to 1388. Growth is observed in all the major cities of the region. For example, in Bratsk the number of drug poisoning increased by four times. To this must be added those who survived acute poisoning, who did not call an Ambulance. Or caused, but are unable to identify the cause.

Following a request we made about the number of suicides among residents of the area. It turned out that the largest increase occurred among children aged 10 to 14 years. In one year the number of suicides increased 2.5 times, from seven to 17 cases.

– In cities throughout the inscription with the is of drugs. How would you advise to do to a man if he saw a screen print?

Yes, labels are everywhere. Last year, before the may day demonstration of the words "spice" with a phone number in Angarsk appeared on the ATC building, the administration, Federal drug control service. A little on the forehead they not written.

I think it is not necessary to wait for anyone to ask. Every self-respecting man should fit himself to paint over the inscription. After all it is the drug, which could die your baby. If the government is unable to cope, to protect our children, she can't forbid us to protect their children themselves. In what ways is this how we see fit.

– Immediately after the Christmas holidays, the state Duma adopted in the second, mainly reading a bill banning spice. How it's viable in your opinion?

– I am glad that at least this way the state drew attention to the problem. Although there is no enforcement, it is difficult to say how to work the law.

Bothers me one problem. Under the new law the penalties for drug dealers. Now, when holding the distributor and seize a substance that is not on the banned list, the drug is sent for examination. It takes place in two stages: first, check the chemical composition of the substance, and then examines its impact on the psyche. The drug is tested on mice. If they find a drug, a substance acknowledged analogue of heroin, hashish or other banned potions. A criminal case under article about illegal distribution of narcotic substances. Sanctions on it – up to life imprisonment. The new law provides for a maximum sentence of eight years imprisonment. This is the case if the consumer died.

Fear factor is a significant reason which keeps people to sell drugs. Big difference – to six years and three years parole for good behavior or to spend behind bars 8-10 or even 15 years. Judging by the sanctions, legislators believe that Smoking blends and salts are less dangerous than the other "nonsense".

I think taking the law, went to the most simple way. Banned all spice. Those drugs identified in a separate category. I am of the opinion that it was necessary to improve the legislation by analogy. However, there is difficulty in conducting examinations. If the chemical composition of the drug can be checked in Irkutsk, the nearest laboratory that explores its impact on the psyche, is located in Perm. However, experts say that in our region there are all conditions to organize their own laboratory.published 


Author: Olga Mutovina


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