Simple secrets of success.

1. Do not build too many plans.
Planning is necessary, but it should not go beyond the rational. Not bad, if you know what your busy tomorrow night, but if you can easily tell what you will do in two months on Friday at 21.00 - it is overkill. You will never be able to perfectly plan your time. Various unforeseen circumstances that each of us faces every day, just will not let you do that.

2. Meet with new people.
The more people meet on your path of life, the more interesting you know. Every person is a source of new knowledge and invaluable experience, just need to be able to remove them from communicating with them.

3. Do not be afraid of responsibility.
No matter what area you were not busy, do not be afraid to take on leadership roles. At work, organize trainings and seminars. House plan trips and large celebrations. The more responsibility you take on, the higher your confidence. And in this case it is absolutely justified.

4. Write down your ideas.
Whenever your head comes an interesting thought, do not let it slip away. Many people believe that they can not come up with something brilliant, without even suspecting that have no time did it, and then safely forget about their ideas. To avoid this, always have at hand a notebook and pencil.

5. Attend seminars.
More likely to attend various meetings, seminars and meetings on topics that are of interest to you. You get a lot of new knowledge and skills, get acquainted with interesting people and maybe have forged new friends.

6. Do not delay Entertainment.
Many people mistakenly believe that in order to relax and have some fun, you need to have a lot of money, but in order to have a lot of money, you need to work hard and to work well, you need to give up relaxing and fun. As you can see, this is a vicious circle. Do not wait for the right moment to relax. If you want to do it now, do it now. Enjoy every minute of your life.

7. Spend more time outdoors.
Often out of the house. Make an appointment with a friend, do not sit in the stuffy cafe and go for a walk in the nearby park. Clean air helps to think more clearly.

8. Exercise.
Sport develops not only physically. Thanks to him, developing your discipline. If you can force yourself to do exercises every day, you can force yourself to be more productive in other areas. Besides sport - it is a source of energy and positivity.

9. Do not be afraid to recycle.
If you are a lifetime will be afraid to go beyond your comfort, you never know what opportunities are hidden behind them. Thomas Edison said that most people miss the opportunity arises, because it is dressed in overalls and resembles work.

10. Live in the here and now and to be engaged in that is pleasant.
Use the talent that you have: if in the forest sang only those birds that sing better than anyone else out there would have been very quiet. Do not think about the past or the future, think about what you are doing at the moment.


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