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Giving advice is always bad, but good advice no one will forgive you.

Our hatred of inequality is often explained by the fact that we are insignificant.

Even a gang of robbers must comply with any requirements of morality to stay gang; they may rob the whole world, but not each other.

Women can not understand that there are men who are indifferent to them.

Education makes a good man better and the bad - worse.

Once in a lifetime happiness knocks on every door, but often this one is sitting in the nearby pub and did not hear the knock.

A man loses interest for the woman who loves him too much. Apparently, with heart feeling like this is the case with deeds: who are unable to repay them, he is ungrateful.

Take each day individually: Will any unfilled; connect them together and you will be amazed to see, how they are empty!

If you are unsure about why you love a woman, then you do not love her.

Who has Why live, will be able to survive with almost any how.

Life does not seem unbearable, we must accustom ourselves to two things: to injuries which causes time and injustices that people are repairing.

Pleasure can be found in everything that becomes a habit.

Handsome man women admire, adore smart, in good vlyublinyutsya, brave fear, but willing to marry only for the strong.

On the role of the lover is fit only one who is not ashamed to show people; as her husband just come.

Beautiful woman eye - a paradise for the soul - hell, and pocket - purgatory.


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