Drunk sPOLNA


After the ceremonial reception of gifts Pol'na invited its guests to the tables on which the meals were exclusively European cuisine, with dishes singer chose herself, focusing only on your taste. But most of all liked the large number of Scotch whiskey, which in this day just flowed the river.

 - This is my favorite drink, - said the birthday girl, turning to the audience. - So I decided that my holiday would drink his name.


After more than one glass of whiskey exhausted young mother is so liberated, that invited all wishing to get out and have some fun on the dance floor to the songs of her group.

 - Those who can not dance, can take the microphone and sing my songs - added the birthday girl.

Once such a proposal at the makeshift stage crowding huge queue willing to fulfill one of the hits of the popular group.

According to friends of the singer, Eva wanted to really relax, as a small child takes a lot of effort and energy. She was very pleased to have been able to finally celebrate his birthday after 3 months. Apparently, the singer for a long time to observe the "dry law", because in this day off in full and by the end of the celebration was barely on his feet.


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