To sleep in the evening you can not watch TV! %)

Harmful influence of TV and the computer to sleep, and confirm themselves interviewed. Among those who used the electronic media is small (less than half an hour a day), only 29% have a TV and a computer as a possible reason for the fact that they do not get enough sleep. Among those used by TV and computer a lot (1, 5-3 hours a day), the electronic media in a bad dream blamed for 40% of respondents. And among active users who spend on television and the Internet for more than 3 hours per day, this proportion rose to 54%.

Long use of TV and computer for a day is not as harmful as the use of electronic media just before bedtime - highlight researchers. Moreover, emphasizes Suganuma, the use of the Internet in the evening not affect "lack of sleep" even more than watching TV. And this applies not only to young Internet users, but also older people. Almost 38% of respondents indicated that a possible cause of their sleep disorder - namely the use of the Internet at night, while the night watching TV in the ready to charge only 25% of respondents.


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