Sleeping girl swept out to sea on mattress

A man is in a dangerous distance from the shore, rescuers noticed on duty on the beach. On the boat, they sailed to the mattress and found him lying on the girl sleeping. Rescuers woke her and brought ashore. The entire rescue operation lasted about 30 minutes.

In recent years, travelers are increasingly refers to the sea on mattresses. In early August, a similar incident occurred in the Crimea to the Russian citizen born in 1974. He also decided to go for a swim in the sea on an inflatable mattress and did not notice that he was carried away on 10 km from the coast. Only two days later the person found at sea and has taken on board the vessel "Dmitri," assigned to the port of Sevastopol. Saved badly burned and got sunstroke, now he is in hospital.

In late June, on the west coast of Crimea Emergency Situations Ministry has saved 15 people on mattresses blown by a strong wind at a distance of 400-900 meters from the shore, and in early August added to the list even 13th. According to rescuers, they almost every week have to return to shore vacationers who swept into the sea on a mattress.


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