Malaysian offender twice stole a Porsche

However, just two kilometers he had to give up the car, because it ran out of petrol. Police found the car in about thirty minutes after the hijacking, but - without the ignition key, the hijacker who prudently took with him.

At around 11 pm, the offender tried to steal a car again, which was taken to the parking lot of the police station. According to police, he entered the territory by cutting a wire fence in the backyard of the police station. Since he had a car keys and a canister of gasoline. Bay of gasoline in the car, he started the engine again and drove away. But this time, the police responded to the roar of the engine and quickly went in pursuit, blocking all exits on the nearby highway. Just chase the offender walked more than ten police cars.

Abandoned car police found about fifteen kilometers from the site. Law enforcement officers believe the thief threw the car when he realized that all the roads are blocked. According to the chief of the police department staff Koh Kong Song (Koh Hong Sun), the police fingerprinted in a car and issued a sketch of the suspect. The authorities hope the arrest will soon insolent, and to the slackers and police, demonstrated a disregard for their duties will be subject to disciplinary action.

Around the World already informed about the curious case in the US, where the US District Yakima (WA), the same car Honda Accord was stolen twice in one day, and both times the hijackers were caught by the police. However, the audacity and despair Malaysian thief does not go to any comparison that showed his American "colleagues."


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