Walking on the web - is your favorite activity during

About 18% of respondents explain this behavior by the fact that "they are bored and have nothing to do too much," 13, 9% said that just "work hard" and have a rest, 11, 8% referred to the low wages and 11, 1% - on "lack of goals."

Loss of working time because of this attitude to work today range from $ 400 billion. Up to $ 500 billion. - Emphasizes Bill Coleman of Salary.com. In many ways it connects idleness employees with poor performance of managers who are insufficiently motivated employees.

Interestingly, among the workers who spend their working time wasted, youth are more likely than older employees feel guilty for it. Truth and they spend more time working than older. Employees aged 20 to 29 years mostly sit back on the job for more than two hours per day, while employees aged 30 to 39 years, the proportion of wasted time drops to 1, 9 hours, and workers aged 40 49 - 90 minutes or 1 4 hours.

Interestingly, in Russia the share of workers who use the Internet at work for personal use, is much higher than in the West: in 2006, 90% of Russian officials admitted to using the service computer and the Internet for personal purposes.

The vast majority of Russian office workers (86%) read the news at work on the Internet, yet 80% are engaged in the network information search, not work-related. Six out of ten respondents (60%) actively communicate with friends via ICQ and other programs, and another 60% of respondents read books and materials not related to work in digital libraries or information portals. 57% of respondents said they did not just read the various non-work-related materials in the network, but also download them. In online games to play 19% of respondents visiting dating sites involved in 20% of the respondents. True, most of those who have such a variety of ways to arrange a break and work breaks, assure that workers zloupotreblinyut internet no more than 30 minutes a day.


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