Dinosaurs were running faster than players

Kompsognatus (Compsognathus), weighing only 4 kg with a length of 60 cm, was deft and clever predator capable of speeds up to 18 meters per second (about 100 km / h). The only modern bird that can move with such speed - is the ostrich. For comparison, the speed sprinter at a distance of 200 meters is typically only 12 meters per second.

Authors of computer model is particularly emphasizes that the reconstruction of dinosaur movements they relied only on the knowledge of the extinct animal species, without attracting knowledge of modern animals and birds. According to them, the model is completely absent animation, there are no "draw" the area: all the movements are based solely on the figures, shorthand known to science movement lizards.

As suggested by the University of Manchester, the model may have not only visual, but also practical use. If it is proven that the dinosaurs were moving fast enough, it would mean that they were able to pursue and faster than scientists previously thought, animals. This can significantly change the way paleontologists about the diet of ancient animals.


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