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How fast ran the fastest dinosaurs?
Tselofizis whose weight at 3 meter height is only 30 kilograms, can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour.

What type of dinosaur was the most common?
The most common was - Iguanodon. These herbivorous dinosaurs, whose length is 10 meters and weigh up to 4 tons, were distributed across the planet.

How long was the biggest lizard?
Along with the land animals evolved and marine reptiles, which later became extinct along with the dinosaurs. Huge mosasaurs with crocodile head and body of a fish reaches a length of 9 meters. This is the largest lizard in the history could razivat his mouth as wide as it is today crocodile. He lived at the end of the era of dinosaurs.

How much weighed the heaviest bird?
20,000 years ago extinct Madagascar ostrich, the heaviest bird in history. It weighed half a ton, and, of course, could not fly.

What size was the biggest monkey?
Pavian dinopithecus, that is a terrible monkey that lived in South America, was little more than a modern gorilla. He reached 2, 5 meters tall and weighed 350 pounds. Modern gorillas reach 230 centimeters tall and weigh 300 pounds, and the size of modern baboons - 120 centimeters.

What was the biggest insect?
A huge scorpion. inhabiting the seas 400 million years ago (in the Silurian period), reaches a length of 2, 5 meters. 300 million years ago, there was a kind of dragonflies with a wingspan of 60 - 80 centimeters. It was the biggest flying insect.

When I lived biggest sloth?
40 million years ago on the territory of today's South America lived sloth really gigantic proportions. He was the size of an elephant and weighed 7 tons.

How tall was the biggest bird?
The head of the giant moa was at the same height as the head of a giraffe. This running birds were 4, 5 feet tall and weighed 250 pounds. She lived 2 million years ago in New Zealand.

What size was the biggest bird who could fly?
A giant bird, extinct 60 million years ago, had a wingspan of 6 meters.

When the biggest extinct rodent?
Kvemo belong to the same squad that rats and mice, ie, was a rodent. Even 400 years ago, he lived in the Caribbean. His weight was 400 pounds, length - 2 meters. Kvemo relatives are stokilogrammovye capybara.

How long was the biggest fish?
A million years ago, ie, already during the life of primitive man, extinct shark species, representatives of which reaches 35 meters in length and weigh more than 100 tons. In this huge predatory fish were several rows of sharp, like a knife, tooth length of 20 centimeters.


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