90-year-old Indian has become a father

After the death of the Australian Forest Track, became a parent 92 years old, Nanu Ram Yogi became the oldest father in the world. His good physical shape, he explains the strict diet (it includes all types of meat, fish, eggs and refined oil), which began to comply with the child, and that every day is drinking fresh camel milk and lots of walks. Indian says he almost every day goes to hunt and eat anything he can get, from rabbits to birds.

Newborn girl named Girija Rajkumari (Girija Rajkumari), reports Daily Telegraph. Yoga says that he intends to 100 years to have some more children. According to the Indians, he was afraid to lose the ability to fertilize, because it will make him weak.

The doctors want to test for paternity and to establish whether the 90-year-old Yoga is the child's father.

Cases of late fatherhood is not uncommon in India last year, another resident of Rajasthan became a father at 88 years. There is in other parts of the world. In 2003, his father George became Lahnovsky, 87-year-old resident of Kherson region, Ukraine. Said bin Nasser bin Muslim al-Afiri, a resident of the Sultanate of Oman, became a father at age 90, his 25-year-old husband, tenth, bore him a healthy baby girl.


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