British scientist ranked dinosaurs to waterfowl

A biologist at the University of Cambridge Brian Ford believes that all dinosaurs most of their time spent exclusively in the water, according to The Daily Mail. This conclusion he came in view of the fact that dinosaurs had short legs, which, at first glance, a rather poorly adapted for movement on the ground, and such large tails.

According to the scientist, it is because most of the time ancient reptiles conducted in ponds, the researchers found many traces of dinosaurs, but have not found a single print of the tail - it seems that dinosaurs have always kept them suspended.

Ford believes that water the dinosaurs used to support its weight, looking at her food, as well as with its help regulate body temperature.

Note that Ford even said that he hoped to make a copy of all the movies about dinosaurs and a review of all previous studies, but his colleagues disagreed with him, and, according to some paleontologists, such representations of ancient dinosaurs were popular in the 1920s, but in 1960 with the help of models, researchers have shown that dinosaurs had a very strong muscles, allowing them to move on land.


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