Scientists named the most tenacious creature on Earth

As it turned out, the most tenacious creatures on our planet are mites. This is the conclusion reached by scientists, the article published in the journal PLoS ONE.

Recall that in 2008 became the most tenacious creature tardigrades, which scientists sent a special module in open space and some of them survived after that.

In their study, specialists worked with tongs kind Haemaphysalis flava, which, as it turned out, can survive even a vacuum. Scientists have placed them in it and within 30 minutes mites were exposed to the electron beam microscope. Of course, the mites were damaged, but after they moved to the usual conditions, they began to actively move and stayed for two more days.

According to scientists, the main affecting factor is not a vacuum, and electronic effects, and thus the researchers concluded that might have previously underestimated the resistance of various primitive organisms to vacuum.


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