In China, building an underwater hotel

Atkin's Architecture Group is known for its unusual projects - in particular, it belongs to the World Trade Center in Bahrain. "In this case we start in our project from the career" - says a representative of the agency Yohtman Martin (Martin Jochman). - The idea, he said, was to build a hotel with a view of the green terraced hill with gardens, but to take full advantage of wildlife and incredible scenery.

The idea of ​​underwater hotel is becoming increasingly popular. Today, they are built at least three. One underwater hotel will be located at a depth of 15 meters off the coast of the Bahamas - it will be the twenty luxurious rooms, a restaurant and bar. The room walls is supposed to make of clear acrylic, and through them it will be possible to admire the underwater coral gardens. The total project cost is estimated at $ 40 million. And guests the night in an underwater kingdom will cost $ 1,500.

The main competitor of the new hotel will be underwater Hydropolis, which is being built in Dubai. The hotel with 220 rooms is estimated at more than half a billion dollars. Construction of an underwater hotel and in the Pacific Ocean near Fiji. This complex of 10 meters at a depth of 300 thousand sq. M. m is estimated at $ 500 million.


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