Breaking dishes on the menu as a separate item

According to the owner of the restaurant, on the walls of rooms painted in black paint with two male figures in the form of shadows. They also serve as a target for clients of an institution that may be, it is the people they hate much.

Afford such chic as smashing plates, cups and other utensils, can only those who placed an order for more than 50 yuan ($ 6, 5), but for all the broken dishes, when the irritation is removed, and the mood has improved, still have to pay .

The dish costs 10 yuan, the other items are expensive, from 30 to 200 yuan, the waitress explained. It whipping offered even a stereo, but her crush until no one wanted.

Meanwhile, an unusual service deterred some regular customers of the restaurant, fearing for their safety. According to them, be in "Dark" was too risky, so they prefer to eat in other establishments in Beijing.

Breaking dishes offers visitors is not the first restaurant in China. Since last year, this service is available Visitors places "Rising Sun" in the city of Nanjing. However, it is not given to them a special room. Beat the dishes and throw it in the waiters are permitted directly in the common dining room.


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