Greyhound cat

Although the nature of these features distinguish it from all predators, the cheetah life is not so easy and straightforward. It is characterized by the lowest physical strength compared to the other big cats that inhabit savannas and deserts of the Old World - a lion and a leopard or a tiger (in Asia). And not to lose the competition, he had to get away from the direct competition with them, and to take such an ecological niche that would not have to share with anyone. And it found the cheetah he - noon predator, hunting at the time of the day, when all other carnivores least active. Of course, these limits are not absolute, and happens cheetah hunt at dusk or at night, and the lion or leopard - in broad daylight. Yet the bulk of his attacks occur in bright sunlight.

Cheetahs almost hunted animal, capable to resist, such as wildebeest and zebras, and never defend their prey when it claims another predator - the leopard, hyena, bat-eared fox. Actually, it's all the solitary hunter tactic: it is better to give up without a fight brazen extortion than to engage in battle with the robbers, risking fatal injury. Leopards also pay tribute to the shameful hyenas, but they can at least try to drag the prey in a tree. Do not have a cheetah and this possibility: such claws, like him, climbing trees is problematic.

In the middle of the last century, people still learned to breed cheetahs, and today the dream of Akbar became a reality in many zoos of the world and reproduction centers. Only one South African center "De Wildt" since 1971 has grown about 500 cheetahs, after which the animal was excluded from the Red Book of South Africa. The further fate of the long-legged cat depends on whether a person will leave her place to live outside the enclosure.


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