Dog Wendy (7 pics + text)

Every time I come across when this picture, I think that photoshop, but there is a real dog. You can read her story:

This little dog named Big Wendy (Big Wendy) whose appearance is far from the long and fine representatives of her breed hounds.

She was born with a genetic disorder, because of which looks like an incredibly huge hound.
While her head, the heart, lungs and legs are the same size as a normal whippet, its defect genes has led to what is called a "double muscle mass»
It weighs 27 kg 2 - twice as many positions - and has huge bulging muscles of the neck, shoulders and thighs stout like a baboon. And unlike normal whippets, which are known for their flexible and fine-boned, this four-year representative of the breed instead of the abdominal muscles with 6 dice cube has 24 presses!

Unfortunately, its broken genes can lead to the fact that the duration of its life will be shorter than normal dogs.

But, though she looks menacing, adoring her owner Ingrid Hansen says that for her giant dog there is nothing better than to climb up to the hostess to her knees.

"People called her Arnold Schwarzenegger" - says Ingrid.
"She is healthy and happy. And this is important. »
"She does not know that she has a genetic disorder. All she could do wrong - just disgusting lick you and everything! »

She spends her days in loitering in the fields, chasing other dogs and horses, and often sleeping on the bed of her mistress.
Wendy unofficially considered the most muscular dog in the world. And the reason for this was not intense training at the local fitness clubs, and not abuse steroids. Excess weight dog has received from birth - because of mutations in the gene responsible for production of myostatin.

Myostatin - a protein that limits muscle growth. If the defect is the limitation is removed and the animal (or person) is increased muscle mass, without spending any effort. It's a shame, huh?

People who breed beagle, trying to get or find a copy of the defective gene myostatin. Hounds with this mutation are called "bulls" (bullies). They are fast and strong, but in appearance do not differ much from the usual dogs of their breed.
What is the secret Wendy? What is the reason that in appearance it is more like a pit bull than a beagle?

Strange but true - Wendy received not one but two defective myostatin gene. As a result, her muscle mass has broken all records. Even on the neck muscles in "hellish hound" so thick that the part can be taken for a mane like a lion.

Hulk Wendy and normal whippet (Greyhound English).

Whippet (Wippet) English greyhound, who lives on a farm in Victoria (Canada), is the subject of the study of American geneticists. Though its kind and is designed for hunting, racing and exhibitions, Wendy prefers for a leisurely life.

Fox Hound English left, on the right Wendy


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