A bottle of beer for half a million dollars (4 photos)

Why not just buy an online auction Ebay - from a box of matches to the islands. But sometimes purchased for a small amount you can sell the same for a lot of money. It's a story, and there was this summer. One of the users of the auction with the nickname petere92346 decided to sell beer. Beer was not easy, but ALLSOPP's ARCTIC ALE. It was released in 1852-m (!), The legendary British brewery Allsopp, which ceased to exist in the mid-20th century. The bottle was sealed and the label had signed hand brewer. The seller will likely not even imagine the approximate cost of the bottle, so lightly treated to a description by writing a few sentences and attaching two photographs.

But his biggest mistake was the misspelling of the name of the manufacturer. He wrote «Allsop», skipping the letter «p» at the end of the word. Because of this, potential buyers are collectors could not find the bottle in the search on the auction page. And on June 21 of this year, a user with the nickname collectordan buys this bottle for $ 304.
The story might have ended if an enterprising new owner of the bottle has not exposed it for sale again with a normal description, with lots of pictures and, most importantly, with the right name. As a result, on August 12, he sells the bottle for .... 503,300 dollars. American dream? Maybe. But maybe not.


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