Interesting facts about animals

It was believed that evil spirits can disperse the third cock.
By the way, in Russian cock crows "doodle", in French it would be "Ko-Ko Rico" in Japanese - "koke-Ko-Ko," and in English - "cook-a-Doodle-doo" .

There is an anecdote about that Duncan MacLeod liked to go into the forest and mock cuckoos.
It is known that when he heard the cuckoo, it is necessary to consider how much is left to live. Sometimes cuckoo repeated 50-60 times. Kukuyut only male cuckoos, and only involving females. Song females similar to guffaw.

But "how many wolves do not feed, he looks into the forest" - the truth! No attempt to tame wolves, lions and tigers was not successful.

Fleas, one of which was shod Lefty.
Fleas good trainable. In the early 20th century famous flea circus somebody Raymond Ottawa. In his circus fleas harnessed in thin gold thread, brought in a team train of small crew. Lying on your back, fleas juggling "balls" and the team threw them up. Fleas, dressed in skirts, waltzed and jumped to the music.


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