Japan intends to send to the Internet to the dustbin of history

Japan will start research on new network technology to replace the current Internet, drowning in an avalanche of problems with quality and safety, said August 28 the Japanese Ministry official in an interview with Associated Press.

American and European researchers have already started research to find methods to rebuild the basic architecture of the Internet, which could lead to a global replacement of equipment and complete redesign of the software. Yoshihiro Onishi (Yoshihiro Onishi), representing the interests of the Ministry of Communications of Japan, said that Japan feels the need to accede to this process, to remain competitive. It is expected that the post-network technology of the Internet will become a reality by 2020.

"The Internet is rapidly approaching the limits of their capabilities, - he stressed. - We are convinced that research in this field of technology are extremely necessary ".

The Ministry of Communications of Japan is working to establish a research framework that will task. According to the plans of the Ministry, the organization would begin its work in autumn 2008, which makes the need to provide appropriate budgetary provisions for the fiscal year, which begins April 1, 2008. However, as yet no consensus on the volume of financing. Co-operation with researchers from other countries also rejected stressed Onishi.

Onishi said that one of the tasks of researchers is to solve the organization more environmentally friendly network that will potreblint less energy. At the same time, scientists believe that in the era when portable computers become widespread, as well as a sharp increase in negative events, such as hacking and mass advertising messages, the problem of the development of new network technology arose with all his evidence. The new network will operate in parallel Internet, or to replace it. On the other hand, some results of the research will serve as a base for the large-scale restructuring of the Internet.

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